Oliver is talking to Isabelle but he isn’t watching her, he is watching Felicity, because is Felicity who never fail to see the real him.

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Oliver doesn’t like Larry

It’s Bert actually lol

oliver & felicity || l. o. v. e.

”There are millions of people out there…
In the end, it all comes down to one.”

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oliver & felicity || devil’s backbone

”…I’m begging you please
don’t take that sinner from me…”

my new video) hope, you’ll like it)

Actual gold.

I swear mrseclipse555 is like a freaking fanvid fairy. Her videos are the absolute best. I wish I had like 1% of her talent and knew how the hell to work with sony vegas (that shit is complicated)

OMGGGGG honey, you killed me with your comment! fanvid fairy? omgggg that’s the sweetest compliment on earth, thank you so much, love)

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