How many times did Stephen Amell appear shirtless in Season 1?

hook & emma || battlefield (3x17)

”This woman that broke your heart. You still love her?”


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katiectalksalot asked: No problem! I adore them! I was wondering though, I make videos and gifs (shitty ones but still) lol and I was wondering where did you get the download for Captain america winter solider? I can't find one without subtitles ANYWHERE! You'd be my hero.

most of my clips are from trailers, tv spots and etc. Only kiss was from CAM. I downloaded it from here)

katiectalksalot asked: asdhfkjagsdhf your Natasha/Steve video was so amazing!!!! I'm still crying over it! I watched it like 7 times

OMG thank you so so much, honey) this is so sweet) I’m so freaking happy that I’m not the only one who ships them! yay! sooooo glad you liked it!!)

dark-supernatural-angel asked: Hi! I love your Olicity videos, they are truly fantastic! I wish I could make videos like that. Anyways I was just wondering if you could make one to the song "Start of Something Good" by Daughtry or at least have the song in mind as a choice for your next video. I just can't stop thinking of Olicity when I hear it. Anyways, keep up with those awesome videos of yours!! I just thought I'd make the audio suggestion.

awwwww thank you, sweetie*) come here

I’ll think about the song) thanks for your suggestion))

"It looks like Emma will have to find a way to cross the bridge safely,witch could involve the help of a mysterious Knight in shining armour. We’ve already had several references to ‘The Princess Bride’ when it comes to Hook and Emma and from the TV promo , it looks like we could have another one, as the Knight dramatically reveals his true identity by removing his helmet – revealing not her father Charming, but her true love Killian Jones – the man of honour."

steve rogers & natasha romanoff || somebody to die for

”If it was up to me to save your life, would you trust me to do it?”
”I would now.”

my new video) hope, you’ll like it)

We last saw Emma Swan in the company of the dashing rapscallion Captain Hook. We talk to the residents of Storybrooke and  try to get the truth.